Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Beyond Retro Exhibition

Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley Exhibition at Beyond Retro Dalston

For their "Halloween Fright Night" event I painted live in store after priming and spraying the base colour in their storage warehouse first I then began to paint the detail and text as part of the event's entertainment. 

Alongside the event I exhibited around 20 smaller framed drawings in the Beyond Retro Cafe in Dalston throughout November and December. 
Big thanks to everyone that made it and the staff at Beyond Retro for all their help making it possible. 

The live B movie horror inspired piece has caused a spin off series of work inspired by B-movie posters from 40s fusing film culture from today in a hand painted style rather than digitally manufactured posters. 

"Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley - Beyond Retro Show

20 mini framed illustrations at Dalston Café
Beyond Retro will be showcasing on Thursday 24th October in its Dalston store (92-­100 Stoke Newington Road) a fabulous exhibition of works by up-­and-­coming mix media artist Jessica Stanley. The Dalston Café will house a sub collection by Jessica, 20 mini framed illustrations that will adorn the walls for a month and will also be for sale. Come along and get also a look to the fantastic range ofHalloween costumes and accessories of the store to help trick and treat, staff dress up night to help inspire, drinks, music and maybe some gruesome makeovers too.
As well as the exhibition of 12 stunning 8ft x 4ft paintings, Jessica will also be painting live on the night with her signature spray and paint style on the shop floor. All of Jessica’s work will be for sale and at £95 each you would be taking home a one off masterpiece that would be sure to be the talking point of any room.

Liverpool Born, London based artist Jessica Arrowsmith ‐Stanley recently graduated fromUniversity of Westminster in Mixed Media Fine Art. Whilst at university Jessica began to experiment and incorporate elements of street art and graphics into her traditional fine art training. Jessica’s work rapidly grew off the canvas onto walls and floors, creating labour intensive constructions to replicate the sensation of being bombarded with information and advertising.
Having completed her formal education, Jessica’s ambitions are to; ‘keep creating and bring light and life to blank spaces wherever and whenever she can’, and we are very proud to say we are the first to show these amazing pieces.
Thursday 24th October 6pm-­9pm, Beyond Retro Dalston: 92-­100 Stoke Newington Road."

ULU Student Union Staircase Mural

Degree Show @ Ambika P3

 Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley

Degree Show @ Ambika P3 baker street

Undercroft Bar Murals

Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley - Undercroft bar murals


Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley - Blur


 Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley
Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley - "walls" - Second year westminster degree wall piece

Lion's Den Mural

Full Circle First Solo Exhibition

Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley (Jazz Stan) - "Full Circle" - Southport Waterfront gallery