Saturday, 4 July 2015

Meet the Artist

Independent Liverpool did an interview and feature on me a while back, have a look here;

Friday, 3 July 2015

LightNight and Studio bits

A little mix of Lightnight back in May when we had our open studio, at 104 Duke St Studios, and other miscellaneous studio photos as I've had numerous move arounds 

Creative Debuts

It makes me so happy that the guys at Creative Debuts have kept my work circulating around London whilst I live in Liverpool. They even exhibited my work in the May showcase in Shoreditch 

I also featured in The Fold magazine with them 

City Overload

I started a bright cityscape mash up series last year and then started taking orders of customer's choices of city and colours, Liverpool is really popular obviously!
To get yours head this way if you're not seeing what you're after send me a little message and we'll sort a custom piece out 



Recent Commissions

A little pile of recent commissions for my lovely clients 

Low Budget Exhibition

Low Budget was my 3rd solo show and I brought it back to Southport after moving back up north. The show was a pop up and Jack built the walls himself! The show was a collaboration with southport waterfront arts and I managed to sneak a mural in whilst setting up

Capstans Bazaar and Sefton Palmhouse Markets

In May I took my shop offline and placed it in Constellations and Sefton Palmhouse for the Capstans Bazaar fair and the Artisans market and it was so lovely to get such a welcoming reaction. 
I'll be doing more at Christmas which I'm sure I'll plaster everywhere for you to keep posted! 


With Dotart I was commissioned to paint an abstract graffiti Superlambana, the last one left!